• November 6, 2018
  • Metropolitan Pavilion NYC

Conferences & Program

PropTech is becoming more and more a key component of a mid-long term business strategy and vision.

Technologies are profoundly transforming the real estate industry, providing new insights, creating new competitive advantage, new values and offering new opportunities.

The need of transformation, adoption of technologies and adaptation to this new environment is crucial to stay at the cutting-edge. At the same time, technologies are evolving rapidly, making their implementation even more complex, taking into account the lifecycle of a building. Investments are required to offer upgrade each building and offer up to date solutions and services to tenants.

● How is PropTech facilitating the decision process and making it faster?

● How can PropTech help bridging the gap between the different players?

● How to better anticipate future needs and tenants’ expectations?

● Is the implementation of technology sufficient? How to drive change, accompany people and educate them?

● How can PropTech change the investment strategy? Are there new investors involved in?

● What is the return on investment for the RE and the tech industries? How much influence technology has on the ROI? How to measure it?


What to expect ?

Conference sessions

Experts from different areas discussing a specific issue, sharing their knowledge
and helping the audience understand the challenges and opportunities.


Startup competition

In partnership with global real estate tech partner MetaProp NYC,
the competition will reveal the most promising startups
that tackle real estate challenges.

More information here


Connect session

This session offers a unique chance for you to make new connections.
Expand your network and spark new partnerships with the help of a facilitator
helping everyone to get a chance to talk together and meet
the right people according to your business objectives.

Topic based lunch

Networking event with each table hosting a topic.
Design to allow participants to exchange ideas and best practices
and to share their views on the issues that affect their business.