• November 12-13, 2019
  • Metropolitan Pavilion NYC

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Program of conferences' main theme: Beyond value

Be inspired by a full day experts debating and discussing the latest trends in the proptech value chain.

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Embrace the move to go ‘Beyond Value’.

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Keynote speakers

Propelling Tech to create sustainable cities

Innovative building technology and the needs of tech occupiers needs in the Proptech space

In their words...

What does beyond value mean when talking about PropTech?

"Beyond Value would be a concept reaching beyond transactional interactions and into arenas where sizable multipliers are obtained through aligned interests."

Platt Boyd
CEO, Branch Technology 

"I think “beyond value” in the proptech industry is about thinking in terms of long term, transformative change, not simply near term, modest ROI. What are the trends and technologies that will transform the real estate industry, and not just incrementally optimize what’s already in place."

Rich Boyle
General Partner, Canaan Partners 

"Beyond Value… something that creates meaningful ROI in your operations and for your investors" 

Constance Freedman
Managing Partner, Moderne Ventures 

"Beyond Value represents leveraging technology to automate and streamline current processes yet at the same time providing new insights for intelligent decision making to accelerate our bottom line and ultimately offer immense value to our clients."

Robert Otani
Chief Technology Officer, Thornton Tomasetti